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    A Virtual Horse is a horse game shaped as a virtual town, where players can raise and train horses, work jobs and compete in shows.


    Signing up

    In order to play the game, one must have an email address, which will be verified to be valid. This email address will be used to log on the game, after the sign-up process is completed.

    To play the game, one must sign up for a game account, a process which requires the person wanting to play the game, to choose a horse to start with, select a player name and enter the login details.

    Once signed up, the user will be logged on the game and can start playing.



    The game is a complex one and understanding it might seem a bit overwhelming at first, that is why new players should have simple goals, like learning how to advance a level, or where to buy a horse.

    Here are some things to remember:

    1. Your horses are in your stable.
    2. You can buy and sell things in trade.
    3. You can send letters at the post office.
    4. The quickest way to advance levels, is to enter your horse in shows.

    What to do

    Different players have different goals, but the initial goal for all new players should be to slowly learn the game, while advancing levels.

    It may not be too exciting at first to enter shows, but it helps learning how things work and advancing levels unlocks features in the game.




    Players are members of guilds, they can chat or blog, they can have playing partners or friends.

    There are regular - non magic horses, like Arabian or Friesian and magical horse breeds like Unicorn and Pegasus.



    Players, Horses, Parents, Credits, Shows, Guilds, Accounts, Jobs, Extra's and Formulas, Walkthrough



    Being a horse game, most things are about the virtual horses that the players can raise, breed and show. There are regular horses and magical horses.

    All breeds have certain colors and when horses breed, the color of the foal is created through the means of the coat genetics.


    Regular horse breeds

    Over 100 of the most popular horse breeds are present in the game, and players can choose which one they wish to breed.

    On AVH there are 3 categories that these breeds have been split upon:

    1. Regular horses
    2. Ponies
    3. Draft horses


    Magical horse breeds

    Magic horses are not real life breeds, they are either mythological breeds, such as Unicorn, or made up ones, like Ponypeg or Winged Zebra.

    Magical horses   Magic horse Magic horses are purchased in the Magic Shop. Magic horses retire at 22 years. Magic ...



    The game genetics are an essential part of the game. Learning how colors are generated helps players combine the right colors, in order to obtain the desired combination of colors for the foals.





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