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  • Advancing a rider
    Riders have 2 unique abilities. A barn skill and a guild skill as referred to in show results factors. The cost for a rider to create shows is always 75%.

    It is a good idea to register your player and horse for bonus in an arena for the show type you are entering. This helps the horse win shows.

    Barn Improvement Formulas will show the number of clicks to advance to the next %. It is often best just to click the practice room to advance this skill. The magic referred to is the tome of excellency or The scroll of the riders. Foals less than 2 years can be trained in a barn to add xp to them.

    Notes:This is the easiest guild to advance. Riders get the most show_entering_xp per event. If all other factors are equal a rider entering a gelding will do best in a show.




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