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  • The skill points factor depends on:

    1. Skill points assignment.
    2. Skill trait.
    3. The skill points match the type of the show entered.
    4. The player has the
      The wand of horse improvement
      magic item.
    5. The arena horse bonus.

    For every horse entering a show, the skill points are calculated based on the above factors.

    1. The game determines which skills are required for the entered show type and what is the importance of each of those skills, using the skills importance chart.
    2. The game calculates the total amount of skill points the horse has: level * 6.
    3. The game calculates the trait bonus (if the horse has a skill trait).
    4. For each of the skills required for entered show, the game calculates how well the skills were assigned, in concordance with the actual required skill importance.

    Note: Once the skill points factor is calculated, the game will multiply it with the arena bonus. A 100% trained horse will have twice as many points as a 0% trained horse.



    Horse #808469 has the following stats:

    • Level 256
    • Trait: Agility
    • Skills assigned:
      • Agility: 750
      • Speed: 600
      • Intelligence: 150
    • Total skill points: 256*6 = 1536

    Let's assume that this horse enters a Jumper show and let's calculate the skill points factor.


    1. According to the chart the skills required for Jumper shows are: Agility 50%, Speed 40%, Intelligence 10%
    2. The total amount of skill points is 1536.
    3. The trait is Agility. We will assume that the player does not have the wand, so the bonus is 10%.
    4. As specified, there are 3 required skills for the Jumper type.
      • Agility
        Agility points = 750 + 1536/10 (10% of the total) = 750 + 153 = 903.
        903 is 58% of the total skill points.
        Note: The game will use only 50% of the total which is 768 and this means that the horse has more than 100 skill points assigned to Agility that won't help.
      • Speed
        Speed points = 600. The trait is agility, so there are no points added here.
        600 = 39% of 1536.
        Note: The horse could use some skill points moved from Agility to Speed. The optimal number for Speed would be 615.
      • Intelligence
        Intelligence points = 150 = 9.7% of the total skill points. The optimal number for intelligence would be 154.


    • The skill points factor in this case is 50% of 1536 + 39% of 1536 + 9.7% of 1536 = 1516. The maximum skill points factor is 1536.
    • The above maximum factor is 1536 with 0% arena training. 100% arena training would double that number (3072)






    Wagn v.