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  • Challenger

    Category: Challenger
    Magic: Yes
    Rare: Yes

    Cost: 300 credits plus coins per starting level. 

    Colors: All colors possible, all horses are White in store. 
    Patterns/Markings: Blanket, Leopard, Rabicano, Tobiano, Overo, Splashed, Sooty, Zebra, Sabino, Roan, Pangare, Blaze, Baldface, Coronet, Fetlock, HPastern, Pastern, Snip, Star, Strip, Sock, Stocking (all colors, patterns and markings are possible)

    Special properties:

    The goal of this breed is to remove the W gene to obtain other colors.  

    Store horses can not wear The mirror of insight.  

    Foals can wear The mirror of insight.

    No horse of this breed can wear The charm of easy breeding.

    Can breed with:

    Can be obtained from:

    Links: Challenger Prizes





    Wagn v.