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  • Change guild to Trainer:

  • The rider barn has been replaced by a arena.
  • This note: Once the skill points factor is calculated, the game will multiply it with the arena bonus. An 100% trained horse will have twice as many points as a 0% trained horse, found on the show results factors means that a trainer has a specific function to perform in regard to performance in shows.
  • Players can also be trained in a specific show type
  • Arena Improvement Formulas is how long it will take to improve guild skills
  • The magic referred to is the scroll of the trainers

    Note: The cost to make shows is 100% of prize, so best to use a rider or equilibrium to create shows.

    This is probably the most difficult guild to play since there is no easy xp for entering shows like a rider or to lesser extent equilibrium. There is no quick coins making tack produces. Often the price you can charge in arena because does not produce a lot of coins because other players have set low prices for arena services. This should be your third or fourth player since you may only end up using it for your own horses and rider/equilibrium player. You can make use of other players arena but you never know when they will do the arena work and you may be in a hurry to enter shows.





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