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  • Change guild to manufacturer:
    The rider barn has been replaced by a workshop. Tools are available in the trade. Materials must be produced on your ranch or purchased  in trade. Add *make item video. Add *make tack video.

    The workshop skills are on the home page of manufacturers and equilibriums.

    Making and selling tack is the best way to make coins to finance your other player that is making and entering shows. When making tack choose a specialization rather than make standard tack as the skill will go up for the tack and the specialization in one step. Start with the specialization for horses you enter with your rider or equilibrium player so you can take best advantage of your own tack making. Sell the excess tack in trade or recycle. Send tack to your other player using the post office. The cost to make shows is 100% of prize, so best to use a rider or equilibrium to create shows.




    Wagn v.