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  • Enter only 100 shows per day for 12 days test sample

    This experiment was done to determine the expected player level and horse level by entering only 100 shows per day.


    The player is a new player created for the purpose of this test.

    No magic items such as witches broom or the scroll of show creation was used.

    The magic items won as rewards remain unclaimed. 

    It takes less than 20 minutes per day to enter 100 shows, one click at a time.

    This player received no assistance from a higher player in anyway. 


    The player after 12 days

    This is the home page information of the player a level 19 rider.

    • You have 4089367 coins and own 1 horses.
    • You have earned 2203693 experience points and entered 16442 shows.
    • Entering shows skill: 16  245/256
    • Progress to level 20:  (76%) - 261637/341991 XP.
    • 80354 more experience points are required to advance.
    • The player has received 135 credits in total.

    The description:

    100 shows a day for 12 days test player

    The horse after 12 days. (this means the horse is now 3 years old and ready to breed)

    Name: Experientment 

    Breed: American Paint Horse

    Gender: Stallion

    Age:3 years

    XP 1974004

    Level 45

    Children 0

    Earnings  2198858

    Shows entered  16442  (this number is the 1200 actual clicks on the shows multiply by events. )

    The shows entered 16442 divide by 1200 is average of almost 14 events per show.  


    Actual money logs:  12 Items [page 1/1] The show prize received will match the total on the show report ...

    Actual show reports sample 100 shows per day. Date : 10 Jan 00:45 (this is the game time the shows run) From: ...

    Actual level up rewards credits received sample 100 shows per day.
    This letter is sent when you advance a level without the




    Wagn v.