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  • Equilibriums make tack, although not as well as a manufacturer.

    Good quality tack is one of the best ways to make sure horses do well in the shows. Tack is a good source of income since it can be sold in

    trade .
    Equilibriums can access their workshop by clicking the workshop icon, last on the left hand side.

    Additionally equilibriums are able to earn skills toward an additional savings bonus on show creation and entry as they enter shows. A maximum of 100% skill in a discipline would earn a 55% total discount. This means a total cost of 45% of prize to create shows.
    An equilibrium has a 3% bonus on everything. So it starts with creation skill at 13%, and also has a 3% bonus on shows. A rider has a greater entering show skill than an equilibrium.

    Equilibriums have 2 skills that can be seen on the home page, a workshop skill which is the tack / items and the guild skill which is the savings for creating shows.





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