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    Find Players

    Find players

    DescriptionYou can find any player on the game with this list. You can see player level, guild and id. You can find your own id number here if you search yourself. You can change the tab to search by id number.
    The last seen will tell you if the player is currently online. The date and time is the last seen time or current game time, if online.
    The small icons:

  • Write letter to the player.
  • Ask a player to become your friend
  • OR

  • If this player is already your friend you can direct trade with this player
  • Read the blog

    If you click the bold name and number you can see:


  • workshop skills
  • guild skills
  • Training bonus
  • Note:Gatekeeper is not a player and therefore is not available to find.

    Find Horses

    Find horses

    Horses can be searched by various elements:

    1. Breed
    2. Color
    3. Gender
    4. Level
    5. Age
    6. Foals
    7. Specialization Trait
    8. Name

    Filters - the boxes below:

    Find Training Arena

    Find Training Arena

    Description: Here you can find other players arena in order to train yourself or your horse. You can put in a name if you know the name or search based on any of the tabs. Clicking "find" will list all arenas who owners are active.

    Category:Find How to use an arena

    Find jobs

    Find jobs

    Jobs are available do the following:

    Look at the jobs available to decide if you think you can do the job in the time allowed.
    If you see "yes" in the Auto Accept column this mean you will be automatically accepted if your ratio meets the requirements. A "No" indicates the employer has the choice to hire you or not. Employers will choose the best employees first.
    Duration is the time allowed for the job
    Expires in is the time the job will be available, if no player is accepted or requests in that time the job will expire with no penalty to the employer or employee.
    Your employee fail ratio is very important to you, it is best not to request a job you wont be able to finish. You wont be able to apply for the better high paying jobs if you have a history of cancelling or not completing jobs.
    There is no set payment for the amount of work to be done, it is all market related. New players with no history have a cancel ratio of 0.00%.


    If the job allows a higher fail ratio it will allow more employees to apply, but the payment is probably a lesser amount.
    If from past jobs your fail ratio is high, you will have to request and complete the lower pay jobs in order to improve your ratio to enable you to apply for the higher paying jobs.


    The game will subtract a 10% tax from the coin value of a job.




    Wagn v.