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  • Getting Hired

    Description: On this page, players can apply for jobs created by other players. If the job is completed successfully the employee will automatically be paid the agreed amount of coins or credits.

    Requirement Level 15



    Find jobs

    Find jobs

    Jobs are available do the following:

    Look at the jobs available to decide if you think you can do the job in the time allowed.
    If you see "yes" in the Auto Accept column this mean you will be automatically accepted if your ratio meets the requirements. A "No" indicates the employer has the choice to hire you or not. Employers will choose the best employees first.
    Duration is the time allowed for the job
    Expires in is the time the job will be available, if no player is accepted or requests in that time the job will expire with no penalty to the employer or employee.
    Your employee fail ratio is very important to you, it is best not to request a job you wont be able to finish. You wont be able to apply for the better high paying jobs if you have a history of cancelling or not completing jobs.
    There is no set payment for the amount of work to be done, it is all market related. New players with no history have a cancel ratio of 0.00%.


    If the job allows a higher fail ratio it will allow more employees to apply, but the payment is probably a lesser amount.
    If from past jobs your fail ratio is high, you will have to request and complete the lower pay jobs in order to improve your ratio to enable you to apply for the higher paying jobs.


    The game will subtract a 10% tax from the coin value of a job.


    Started jobs

    Started Jobs

    Here you can see the jobs you have been accepted to perform. Click the start working button to do the job. You need to complete the job to earn a good ratio.


    Your past jobs

    Your past Jobs

    Here you can see the previous jobs you worked on.


    Your Job Requests

    Your job requests

    The jobs requests waiting to be accepted.


    The employee statistics


    The Stats relating to all jobs is here.

    • The employees with worst ratio of Jobs Failed vs Jobs Started
    • You don't want your name to be on this list. These players wont be able to get the best highest paying jobs.

    • The employees with the best ratio of Jobs Failed vs Jobs Started
    • Players on this list will be able to get any job offered. They will be accepted for any of the high paying jobs, they will easily be able to earn credits. Any player should try to keep a low ratio.

    • The employers with worst ratio of Jobs Cancelled vs Jobs Created
    • You don't want your name to be on this list, players wont want to do your jobs.

    • The employers with the best ratio of Jobs Cancelled vs Jobs Created
    • Players on this list that create jobs will be able to hire the best employees. Other players will want to do these jobs.

    • Total employees statistics.
    • This is the stats for all the game employees. You can see the total number of jobs done and failed. You see the total amount of coins and credits that have been paid. If your fail ratio is less than the ratio here you know you are in the good half of the employees.

    • Total employers statistics.
    • This is the stats for all employers. If your ratio is less than ratio here, you know you in the good half of the employers.

    • Your stats as an employee.

    This is your own personal stats as employee.


    Links: Creating jobs, Townhall, Find Jobs




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