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    All the AVH players are members of a guild. Guilds give their members some unique powers, bonuses and drawbacks when compared to the other guilds of the game.

    This means that the guilds have their strengths and weaknesses and players can choose the guild they want to belong to, based on their game strategy.

    Currently there are four guilds:

    • Riders - Suitable for beginners, it provides an easy way of advancing in the game. This is the guild that a player begins with.
    • Manufacturers - A more complex guild that allows players to create horse tack. A player can change at level 30.
    • Equilibriums - This is a mix between riders and manufacturers, combining some of their strengths and adding an unique skill. It is typically used by experienced players. A player can change at level 40.
    • Trainers - A typical trainer is an experienced player that has already tried the other guilds and knows how the game's more advanced features work. A player can change at level 50.


    Depending on the guild, players get a certain amount of experience points for entering shows.


    Depending on the guild they belong to, players can pay less to create or enter shows.


    Each guild has an unique specialization, that adds a certain strength to its members:

    • Riders

      Riding specialization - This unique skill allows riders to perform better when competing in shows. The higher the specialization is for a show type the better the performance for that show is.

    • Equilibriums 

      Savings specialization - This skill allows equilibriums to spend less coins on creating and entering shows.

      At 100% specialization for a show type, this skill gives a 45% discount on creating and entering shows. Combined with the natural 90% discount of the guild, this means that when the skill is at 100%, the equilibriums pay only 55*0.9 = 45% of the cost a manufacturer or a trainer would pay.

    • Manufacturers 

      Manufacturing specialization - This skill allows manufacturers and equilibrium create specialized tack, that increases the benefit of the created item for the selected discipline.

    • Trainers

      Training specialization - Trainers add bonuses to horses and players that improve the performance during shows.





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