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  •  Creating jobs and hiring players


    Description: Players that  own a Magic item called

    The employer's hat, can create jobs and hire other players to do them.  A player owning this hat will be able to create 10 jobs at once.  A player without this hat will be able to create 1 job.


    Creating a job

    Creating a new job

    Jobs can be created to hire players to do the following:

    • Show training
    • Tack making
    • Creating shows
    • Creating Intermediary Items
    • Working as a vet
    • Working as a stablehand

    Set the time to allow the completion of the job.
    Set the number required.
    Set the payment, coin, credit or both. (the game will charge a 10% tax on the coin value)
    Choose employee: change the tab from "Choose from list" to "automatically accept the first request" if you would like the job to be done by any player.
    Employee fail ratio: use this tab to prevent employees with a history of cancelling jobs not to be able to apply for your job. It helps when it is important for a job to be completed that bad employees are not able to apply. Setting this to low fail ratios will make the job only available to the best employees. It is important to consider the payment when setting this low as the best employees will only choose to apply for well paying jobs. There is no set payment for the amount of work to be done, it is all market related. New players with no history have a cancel ratio of 0.00%. If you set this to a higher fail ratio it will allow more employees to apply and you can set your payment to a lesser amount.


    The jobs in progress

    Jobs in Progress

    Here you can see how your employees are working.


    The inactive jobs

    Inactive Job

    These jobs have not been started. They may be waiting for your approval or no employee has requested.


    The finished jobs

    Ended Jobs

    Here you can see all jobs that were started by an employee. It is useful to see which jobs are completed or cancelled.


    The employer statistics


    Here you can see your stats as an employer. This list the number of jobs created, cancelled, coins paid, credits paid and most importantly the cancel ratio. The ideal is to never cancel a job once started the best ratio is 0.00%. Jobs cancelled before you accept or an employee requests in the case of "automatically accept" do not affect this ratio.



    Links: Getting a job, Jobs, Services




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