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    1. Foal titles The title is based on the level the foal has at birth and comes not only with a fancy name, but with a bonus as well. The titles are: Baronet, Baron, Viscount, Count, Marquis, Duke, Infante, Prince, Grand Prince, Archduke for colts and Baronetess, Baroness, Viscountess, Countess, Marquise, Duchess, Infanta, Princess, Grand Princess, Archduchess for fillies. A level 10 colt will be Baronet, a Level 100 one will be an Archduke. Each level comes with a 2% xp bonus during for all the horse's activities (showing, barn xp etc). This means that if a regular horse (with no title) gets 100 xp, a Baronet will get 102XP and an Archduke will get 120xp.
    2. Parents titles These titles are acquired by the horses depending on the level of their foal. They influence directly the amount of experience a further foal will inherit.
      Excellent Sire/Dam 10-19 1%
      Superior Sire/Dam 20-34 2%
      Prominent Sire/Dam 35-49 3%
      Outstanding Sire/Dam 50-74 4%
      Distinguished Sire/Dam 75-99 5%
      Elite Sire/Dam 100-> 6%
      This means that a foal from an elite pair will receive an extra 6% (from the parents xp) at birth on top of the 2% (or 5% for magics) that they get now.
    3. Note The existing horses/foals will NOT have a foal title, nor a bonus for that matter. All these changes are for the future horses. The existing horses will however acquire the Parent title, if they are used for breeding.

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