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  • Horse name: See the horse properties.

    Horse id:


    Breed: Horse breeds

    Gender: gender

    Color: Horse color


    Hover with the mouse over the vet, food and happiness to see the time left till the horse requires attention again.

    When a block turns red it means expired. Note that this donkey needs a breeding check up. This donkey is not very happy, treat will add happiness.


    The buttons below the horse.

    Entering shows

    Entering shows is the main way for players and horses to get ...

    In order for stallions to be available for breeding, players must set them up for stud. Steps:
    1. Go to

    This button will show you all the mares belonging to other players, that have ...

    Vet shots Description: In order to enter shows the horse will need a vet shots and check up. If the ...

    Vet checks Description: In order to enter shows your horses will need a vet check up and ...

    Breeding check up Description: If you want to breed your horse your horses will need a vet check up and ...

    Pressing this button will allow you to feed the horse with available food. The higher level the horse the more ...

    Request stud   When you own the stallion and mare Steps:
    1. Go to your stallion.

    Trade this horse. Pressing this button will take you directly to trade where you can sell the horse. ...

    This moves the horses between your stables. Where is this found? Directly under your horse and the action page.




    Wagn v.