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    Time facts

    On AVH horses are typically active until they turn 20 year old, when they retire.

    • Horses can be branded until they turn one year old.
    • Once they turn 2 year old, horses can start entering shows.
      Note: When using a The horseshoe of vitality Magic items, horses can start entering shows at one year old.
    • Once they turn 3 year old, horses can start breeding (if they have the right level)
    • At 20 year old, horses retire and can no longer breed or enter shows.
      1. Magical Horses retire at 22 year old.
      2. The medallion of life magic item can be used to temporarily unretire horses.


    Horse properties

    • # - Each horse has an unique number that identifies it in the game.
    • Name - Horses have names, but they are not unique, so multiple horses can have the same name.
    • Description - Players can add a short description about the goals and achievements of the horse.
    • Xp / Level - Horses acquire experience points and advance levels, just like the players do.
    • Breed
    • Color
    • Happiness - Indicates how happy the horse is.
    • Brand - Players can brand their foals.
    • Gender - Mare, Stallion or Gelding.
    • Skills
    • Specs
    • Coins - Indicates the earnings of the horse during its life.


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