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  • How to build on your ranch:


    The ranch comes with various landscaping:


    The first thing to do is press the

    build button. This is used to construct buildings.

    The iron mine is the first building that can be built and must be placed on a premarked place.  Iron mines are placed on hills and mountains.  Drag the iron mine to place it and click ok.


    Once you have built two iron mines, the woodmill will be avaiable for building.  A woodmill is placed on a premarked place near a forest.


    Once you have built three woodmills, the water well will be available for building.  A water well is placed on a premarked place at a lake.


    Once you have three water wells, the feed depot will be available for building.  A feed depot is placed anywhere on the grass but not too close to another building or landscaping.  When the feed depot has a red border such as below it can't be placed in that position.


    When the red border disappears click to build.  A dialogue box will appear, just click 'ok'.







    Wagn v.