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  • How to buy a horse


    • Go to the trade button at the bottom of the screen.

    To buy from another player:

    1. choose buy items:
    2. use the drop down tab and change to horses
    3. click on the horse to see if the pedigree, foals, and level is worth the price

    To buy a new horse from the game:

    1. Click the buy horse.
    2. Choose Gender, Breed, Horse Color, Specialization Trait, remember to choose the skill Trait that matches the chosen Specialization Trait use the assign horse skills.
    3. Regular horse breeds will cost coins, Magic horse will cost credits plus coins for a higher level.
    4. The price of store horses are variable depending on level.  The calculation for the horse is 10 percent of player level multiplied by 100 000 coins.
    5. If a higher level player wants to buy a level 1 store horse, this should be purchased by your other low level player.




    Wagn v.