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  • Parental Settings:

    • Friends: Disables adding new friends or accepting friend requests. You should keep this option disabled and accept new friends only when you are around, to see who your child is becoming friends with.
    • Chat: Disables the game chat completely. Your child will not be able to open the chat.
    • Letters: Your child will be able to send and receive letters only to/from accepted friends.
    • Blogs: Shows only the blogs and comments written by the accepted friends.
    • Forums: Shows only the forum messages written by the accepted friends.
    • Text: Shows only the horse & player descriptions created by the accepted friends.
    • Images: Shows only the images uploaded by the accepted friends.
    • Change password: The parent password is required for changing the settings. Set the password with the change password.

    Where do I find this?
    Click the Settings at the top of the page.





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