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    Category: Magic Horse
    Magic: Yes
    Rare: No

    Cost: 2000 credits

    Colors: They come in gray and can also have various white patterns. The males have larger antlers than the females.
    Patterns/Markings: Tobiano, Overo, Splashed, Sooty, Coronet, Fetlock, HPastern, Pastern, Snip, Star, Strip, Sock, Stocking

    Note: Reindeer are seasonal and they are active for 22 game years.

    • 1. The reindeer will receive 1000 coins for each level per day.
    • 2. The maximum amount that a reindeer generates is 100000 coins per day.
    • 3. The maximum amount that one account can earn from owning reindeer is 1000000 coins per day.
    • 4. Only reindeer with a happiness higher than 50% are generating income.
    • 5. Reindeer can breed once only unless the charm of easy breeding is used.

    Season:Reindeer are available in the magic shop during December only.
    Can breed with:Reindeer

    Examples of reindeer




    Wagn v.