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  • Click the
    Schedule horse button on the Veterinary Clinic section.

    Select your horse from the drop down menu, check the service and click the Schedule button.
    One of the vets will perform the requested service during the day. Currently at the vet clinic you can get shots for your horse, do a general check up, do a breeding check up, and also geld your stallions. You can also go to your horses page and click the white square with a red cross in it next to the service you need. You can not geld a stallion this way, you have to go to the services area to geld.
    NOTE: You can not "un-geld" a horse. Once it is requested, it will be performed and can not be changed. You can buy a Magic items from the Magic Shop called a

    Stallion spellcaster to change a gelding into a stallion 


    Click the

    Stats to view the most successful vets or to see how many horses are waiting in line.


    Once you are in the Veterinary clinic area click on the

    Get a job or work button to become a vet.
    Note: A player can also only hold one job at a time.
    You need to be level 5 or higher to apply for and have a job. The application fee is 3000 coins. If you resign the application fee is not returned. The Magic items called
    the tome of labor
    will allow you to have a second job and work twice as fast on both.




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