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    AVH walkthrough
    This walkthrough (walk-through) is a comprehensive review of AVH that includes all the important aspects, but does not necessarily include details. The goal of this walkthroughs is to demonstrate various strategies that may be adopted to best play the various guilds while making the most of free game assistance in the form of free coins to a maximum of 1 000 000 coins per level.  These coins are awarded at 5 000 times level. 

    free magic items, these will continue throughout the game.  Each level up reward will include some credits at  50% - 100% of the level.  Go to the magic shop to see how many credits are available. 
    The game.
    Note:This game is free to play and will never cost real money if you choose to play without the magic items. The game is fully playable.
    A Virtual Horse is a horse game shaped as a virtual town, where players can raise and train horses, work jobs and compete in shows.

    How to start:
    Please click Start page in the top left corner for sign up and activation instructions. Visit the goldsmith to open personal bank. The goldsmith can be used to send coins to another player 24 hours after it is first opened. Coins can be saved in the goldsmith.  The goldsmith is located in the townhall on your ranch. 

    How to build on your ranch pictures will help you start the ranch.

    In the game:
    On the main bar on the far right is help line pressing this will open up links to:

    • Wiki
    • Helpline. Here game questions can be asked and a moderator will answer
    • Most often the answers can be found in the wiki and/or Questions and Answers. All game questions will be answered within 24 hours.

    To play:
    The first guild started with is a rider.
    Click on the

    stable. Here you can see your horses. Entering shows is the best way to advance levels for a player and the horse. You can put tack on your horse. At this point you do not need to put tack on the horse, one free set of 50% tack and the horse you chose in the sign up is available in the stable.

  • Level 1 - You can enter shows
  • Level 1 - You can get a job as a vet or stablehand
  • Shows that you enter gives xp at a rate of 37 x events. Choosing shows with the most events allows you and the horse to level faster, but these shows cost more in entry fee to enter and may also have a lot of entries. If you click on the show name you can see the number of entries already, and the owner of the shows. It takes 4 shows to get to level 2. Once you get to level 2 you will receive a letter and free coins as prize.

  • Level 2 - You can buy your second horse!
  • It is not always advisable to buy another horse at this point. More opportunities of a better selection of horses will present itself at a higher level. If you wait until level 8/9 you will be able to buy a store horse with a specific spec.

    Horse can be bought from the trade as a how to buy a horse.

  • Level 3 - Access to blogs and quizzes.
  • Level 4 - You can buy another horse, the horse limit is how much space you have in your stables.
  • Level 5 Vet's hourglass OR Stablehand's hourglass
  • Each level will provide a coin prize, advancing to level 5 will give the first Magic items. You will receive a letter that you were awarded the item. If you have reached level 5 and don't get this letter go to Magic Shop - rewards - and click the here bottom right. It is best not to claim it right now, just make sure it is there for later claiming. These magic items are for a "test drive" so to speak and only lasts 3 days, so claiming all at once you don't get the best chance to spend time with it and test it out. There is no harm in claiming it now but it is easier to advance levels by entering shows and to maximize the free coins that stop after level 50. The magic prize can remain unclaimed, until you are ready to claim it.

  • Level 7 - You player level is now high enough to breed horses. (The horses must still be age 3 or over and level 10 or over to breed.)
  • It is probably not the best idea to breed right now as there are advantages of breeding higher level horses. Horses gain titles when they have more xp.

  • Level 8 access to chat
  • If you have activated your account. This is from the first player, second and third players will have access at level 1, if you switch players by first starting chat from the level 8 or higher player.

  • Level 8 Witch's broom
  • This item allows you to enter 2 shows at once. Entering shows becomes much faster. This is a good item to claim now. Remember to give your horse a Treat that can be bought from others or grown on your ranch.

  • Level 8/9 - Access to Player settings
  • If you feel ready to assign horse skills, change to advanced. Beginner horses have no spec/trait and it will be your choice how to specialize the horse. The letter notice and game pop ups can be switched off if you feel you don't need they help they provide. The other settings are for your personal choice.

  • Level 9 - Ability to have partners
  • You may have a friend that can help you play.

  • Level 10 - the endless purse of gold
  • Level 12 - Rider's hourglass
  • Leave this item for later.

  • Level 12 - The riders barn is now available.
  • Level 15 - You will be able to create night shows. Night shows cost the level x events x 15 x 20% extra, the game will make these shows when the nightly show run happens.
  • Level 15 - Access to Token Magic
  • Level 20 - The scroll of show creation
  • You probably want to claim this to make shows twice as fast, but claiming it will not help the show create skill skill. This is a personal choice, and the intended guild of this player. For example if you intend to change the guild to a trainer or manufacturer later then there is no point in having the ability to make high event shows.

  • Level 30 - Access to the Guild changer and you can now become a manufacturer if you choose to. (You will have a workshop where the rider barn was.)
  • Best to stay a rider for now. Maximum xp for entering shows is by the rider guild.

  • Level 40 - Can become an equilibrium. (Equilibriums can make tack and earn savings when creating and entering shows.)
  • Level 50 - Can change your guild to a trainer. (You will have an arena where the rider barn or workshop was.)
  • Success:The entire game is now open.
    Continue to enter the horse/s in shows for 3 days until the broom runs out. It is not difficult to get to level 50 very quickly. There is a lot of coins that comes from the level up prize.  Once the broom runs out, maybe claim the hourglass and get the job for vet or stablehand, choose the job that is the same as the hourglass prize from level 5. This hourglass makes the job faster for 3 days.  Once the job hourglass is finished claim the prize from level 12 Rider's hourglass or go to the guild changer and choose a different guild.


    You can make another player I want to - create a new player and start the new player from level 1 again. Remember to click the goldsmith. The game allows 3 players for free and more if you buy the potion of extra players. Each guild has its own unique abilities and strengths. Each night at 00:45 game time the game runs all the shows you entered and will send a show report to your post office. If the horse did not perform well or the show report does not report that the horse entered shows, have a look at show results factors

    Change guild to manufacturer: The rider barn has been replaced by a workshop. Tools are available in the trade. ...

    Advancing a rider Riders have 2 unique abilities. A barn skill and a guild skill as referred to in ...

    Change guild to Trainer:
  • The rider barn has been replaced by a arena.
  • This note: Once the skill points factor is calculated,
  • ...

    Change guild to Equilibrium: The rider barn has been replaced by a workshop. The workshop skills are on the home page ...

    Note:At anytime you can change to any other guild but keep in mind that 20% of skill will be lost. The level and xp is never lost.

    Getting Hired

    Description: On this page, players can apply for jobs created by other players. If the job is completed successfully the employee ...
    Doing a job for another player is a way to make coins. You probably want to do jobs for players on the list of the best employers. Take only 1 job at a time and complete before you take another job. It is good to keep the fail ratio at 0%




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