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    The chat


    The chat can be accessed by the activated accounts.

    There are 2 tabs namely:


    This is the default tab and is for chatting. All messages are prefixed by C)


    This is for all business, such as advertising horses, tack and items for sale. Finding a partner to work for you. All messages are prefixed by T). Once in chat just press the trade tab to go to the trade section.


    Private message shown with >> can be sent to another player and will show on their current tab. /tell playername "message in quotes"

    Help with chat commands Typing /help on chat will bring up a menu. Moderators

    Click a moderator name in the list to ask a game related question.

    Moderators Description: Moderators are adult players that make sure that the game is a safe environment for children. Players CANNOT become moderators. If a new moderator ...





    Wagn v.