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  • Creating shows

    Description: Players higher than level 8 must create a number of shows, in order to be able to enter other shows themselves.

    Shows can be created from:



    • In order to enter shows players must create 1 show for every 15 entered. This means that a player that created 10 shows, can enter 150 shows.
    • Shows can be made for any show type.  The prize is set to 15 times level or entry fee.
    • The game will automatically set the level, prize and entry fee for the last horse clicked.

    • The show can have a show name that would help locating the shows.

    • The events can not be altered, this is a skill that is improved by creating shows.

    • Players start with 10 events and can improve up to 256 events.

    • Nightly shows.



    Links: Shows required to next level, events 10-100 (every 10th events)




    Wagn v.