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    The Ranch

    The ranch is an area where players can interact with the game.

    The central group of buildings contain and do not collapse:

    Player home. Inside the home various areas are accessed:    

    Stable Description: Your horses are kept in your stable.    On the ranch the stable is in various forms:  

    Ranch Houses - stable Cards


    Townhall Description:The townhall is on the ranch. The following can be accessed: ...

    Click the Schedule horse button on the Veterinary Clinic section.

    Select your horse from the drop down menu, check the service and click ...

    Stablehand A player hired by the AVH stable does work by feeding, treating and grooming horses. Stablehands are important as they prevent the horses ...

    Showground Creating shows Description: Players higher than level 8 must create a number of shows, in order to be able to ...

    Guild Buildings:

    The riders' barn Description: Once they reach level 12 riders have access to a barn where they can practice their xp skill. ...

    Manufacturers and Equilibriums have a workshop in the lowest  left side.  Your workshop is used to make ...



    Trainers have arenas. An arena is to add bonus to horses and players. The various areas of your arena ...

      These are the production buildings for your ranch.      

    ranch production Cards


    These are the decorations for your ranch.

        The house tab inside the build menu on the ranch has various choices.

    Ranch Houses - house Cards


    Ranch Houses - stable Cards



    Links: How to build on your ranch pictures




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