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    The Riders Guild

    All new players are members of the Riders guild. It is not a complex guild and it is suitable for beginners.

    A rider will gain access to a barn at level 12.

    Rider guild benefits:

    • Members of the Riders Guild get a 10% bonus when competing in shows, this meaning that if a member of another guild has exactly the same stats and horses as a rider, the rider has a 10% higher chance to win.
    • The unique riding specialization allows riders to be up to twice as competitive in shows, depending on how high the skill is.
    • Riders receive 37 xp when entering shows, instead of the 25 xp base that the manufacturers and trainers receive.
    • The riders' XP skill is unique to this guild and allows the members of the guild to add experience points to their horses, without entering shows.
    • Riders only pay 75% of the cost required to enter or create shows.

    Links: Guild, Manufacturers, Trainers, Equilibriums




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