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  • Settings control various options about how a card looks and behaves. Each card's Options tab has a "settings" subtab that lets you configure the settings that apply to that card.


    Learn more about settings.


    Help text

    Help text people will see when adding cards in the set.

    Help text people will see when editing cards in the set.



    Controls content of cards in the set. More about formatting.

    Determines initial type, content, and permissions of new cards in the set. More about formatting.



    The type of editor for a set of Pointer cards.  Can be: list, radio, checkbox, select, multiselect

    Value options for set of Pointer cards, expressed as a WQL SearchLearn about Pointers.  Learn WQL ...

    Labels for Pointer options.  Value is a card name, which is plussed to each of a Pointer's option cards to form label cards ...


    When "yes", users with the global "create accounts" permission can add accounts to cards in the set.

    Wagn will autoname new cards in the set with the name you give here, and increment for each new card. Learn ...

    Anti-spam setting.  If checked will require non-signed-in users to complete a captcha before adding or editing cards in the set.

    Determines layout card used when viewing page of any card in the setLearn more about layouts

    Configures email to be sent when card in set is created.

    Autogenerate table of contents when cards in the set have at least this many headers ("0" means never).

    Where to take people after they create a card in the set. Learn more about thank you messages.




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