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  • Entering shows skills
    This is the skill you see on your

    home page.

    10-19% 10
    20-39% 9
    40-59% 8
    60-79% 7
    80-99% 6
    100% 5


    Note: This skill is determined per click not per show entered. A

    Witches Broom while it enters 2 shows, only the click is counted. This gives players with no magic items equal chance to increase the skill.


    This skill is related to the number of events in shows created by other players that will be available to enter. This means skill x 4 = maximum events that can be entered. If a player skill is 10 only shows with 40 or less events will appear.


    Links: entering bar time Show creating limits

    Extra's and Formulas




    Wagn v.